March 6, 2017

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To do list…

~ Decks: 98/100
~ Badges: 10/13
~ Trade Cards: 4/6
~ Page: Cycle
~ Page: Member Card
~ Page: Interactive
~ Test: Join Form
~ Test: Links on Affiliates and Credits
~ Page: Member deck: 00 and master badge
~ Page: Member deck: rows of 5
~ Page: Member Panel
~ Page: Single Cards
~ Page: Donate Guidelines
~ Page: Donation Lists
~ Page: Claim?
~ Page: Donate?
~ Code: Add $ to game rewards
~ Code: Remove old currency from game rewards
~ mytcg/edits_cards.php (add puzzle deck row)
~ random_update.php
~ Game: Slots ~ Change images?
~ Game: Memory ~ add timer?
~ Game: Spin The Wheel ~ add temp log code
~ Game: Melting Pot ~ add temp log code

~ Page: Info
~ Page: Join
~ Code: Extra spam prevention on join form
~ Page: Affiliates and Credits
~ Page: Published Decks: filler cards
~ Page: Upcoming Decks
~ Page: Members
~ Page: Profile
~ Code: Remove coupons from member panel
~ Code: Remove prejoiner from member panel
~ Code: Remove member card from member panel
~ Page: Loot Crates
~ Page: Trade Cards (trade in) + test
~ Page: General + test
~ Page: Mastered Deck + test
~ Page: Doubles + test
~ Page: Badges
~ Page: Edit Info
~ Page: Change Password
~ Page: Mastered Member + test
~ Page: Trade Cards
~ Page: Change Skin ~ add thumbnail for new skin
~ Page: Prejoiner
~ Page: Quit + test
~ Page: Level Up + test
~ Page: Combo Cards
~ Page: Birthday Month ~ Keep?
~ Page: Combo Cards (trade in) + test

~ Game: New game? Muddled
~ Game: New game? Tombola
~ Game: New game? Quoted
~ Game: Tic Tac Toe
~ Game: War
~ Game: Blackjack
~ Game: Higher or Lower
~ Game: Lottery
~ Game: Rock, Paper, Scissors
~ Game: Complete The Deck ~ remove?
~ Game: Card Claim
~ Game: Quitters Pot ~ remove?
~ Game: Make A Wish
~ Game: Member of the Week
~ Game: Upcoming Vote
~ Game: Peeptin
~ Game: Macho
~ Game: Website Wars ~ remove?
~ Game: Famous Landmarks
~ Game: Card Fishing
~ Game: Puzzle Series
~ Game: Freebies
~ Game: Ladylike
~ Game: Console Wars remove?
~ Game: Hangman
~ Game: Animalia
~ Game: Edibles
~ Game: Choices

~ Page: Randomizer
~ templog.php

March 5, 2017


For those wanting to donate; here is a list of the decks I have images for. If you could claim the decks you would like to donate in the comments, and I will keep this list updated. Please also check the upcoming list for decks I have already made.

All donators will be rewarded once we re-open (there may even be a bonus for each donation).

Please send all donations to entiretytcg@gmail,com
25 ~ 30 images needed for each deck.


(animals) Coyote

(character) Kara Danvers ~ Supergirl TV show (Elsabeth)
(character) Peter Maximoff ~ X-Men Movies (Elsabeth)
(character) Rochelle Goyle ~ Monster High (Elsabeth)

(females) Khloé Kardashian (rosielouise)

(males) Chris Evans (Moonstar)
(males) Chris Hemsworth (Moonstar)

(relationships) The X Files ~ Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (rosielouise)

I have images for

(activities) Game of life
(activities) Magic the Gathering (sassie)
(activities) monopoly (sassie)
(activities) Settlers of Catan (sassie)

(animals) Beagles
(animals) Boxer Dogs (rosielouise)
(animals) Budgies (bree)
(animals) Capybaras (jennifer)
(animals) Cockatiels (bree)
(animals) German Shepherds (jennifer)
(animals) Jugs (dogs) (donna)
(animals) Puppies (jennifer)
(animals) quaker parrots (bree)
(animals) Rats (donna)
(animals) Snow Leopards (donna)
(animals) White Tigers (donna)
(animals) Wombat
(animals) zebras (jennifer)

(characters) Apple White ~ Ever After High (Elsabeth)
(characters) Eclipse ~ Riley Biers (donna)
(Characters) Gossip Girl—Blair Waldorf
(Characters) Gossip Girl—Nate Archibald
(characters) LOST ~ Boone Carlyle
(characters) The Hunger Games ~ Peeta Mellark (srahina)
(characters) True Blood ~ Tommy Mickens (donna)

(females) Alyssa Milano (rosielouise)
(females) Christina Aguilera (srahina)
(females) Emily Kinney
(females) Gillian Anderson (rosielouise)
(females) Ginnifer Goodwin (rosielouise)
(females) Jennifer Morrison (rosielouise)
(females) Julie Benz (rosielouise)
(females) Juliet landau (rosielouise)
(females) Rose McGowan (rosielouise)
(females) Shannon Doherty (rosielouise)

(holidays) 4th of July (saitaina)

(males) Cillian Murphy (Saitaina)
(males) Danny O’Donoghue (rosielouise)
(males) David Duchovny (rosielouise)
(males) David Tennant (Moonstar)
(males) Jake Abel (donna)
(males) Josh Holloway
(males) Mark Ruffalo (Saitaina)
(males) Marshall Allman (donna)
(males) Peter Capaladi (Moonstar)
(males) Riker Lynch (donna)
(males) Robert Downey Jr. (Moonstar)
(males) Ross Lynch (donna)
(males) RuPaul (Lindsay)
(males) Thomas Dekker (Saitaina)
(males) Xavier Samuel (donna)

(music videos) R5 ~ Smile

(nature) Galaxies (jennifer)
(nature) Roses (Saitaina)
(nature) Stars (jennifer)

(objects) bicycles
(objects) Candles (angelrose)
(objects) Coins
(objects) paper lanterns (bree)
(objects) socks (jennifer)

(relationships) Gossip Girl ~ Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf

(video games) Final Fantasy X~2 (Elsabeth)
(video games) The Walking Dead: Season 400 Days

June 25, 2016

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— Originally posted: May 19, 2016 —

Hi all!

In short, due to real life I have not been around online for sometime. I do however plan on bringing Entirety back now that RL has settled down.

That being said, I have decided to increase the amount of cards per deck from 15 to 20, and have changed the template as well. I wasn’t particularly keen on it being so small, and with the rounded corners; it made making decks take longer. The new template is now bigger and more simple <3. I hope you like it too.

I’ll be making lots of new decks, as well as remaking some of the old ones. I may also ditch a few i.e. books, episodes, scenes. Of course (being an everything tcg) I would still make decks for these if they were in demand or donated, but I wouldn’t be actively making decks for these categories. They may also simply go under a Misc category.

I’m pretty much set on everyone starting again from Level 1, mainly due to the cards per deck change; so if you could please keep your trade posts up until further notice that would be great. The reason being that I would more than likely be giving out some sort of bonus packs for returning members based on card worth and/or decks mastered.

In regards to donations; I will sort an up to date list of the decks I have remade, and the decks I already have images for soon.

Thanks, and I hope your all well!